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Tiny Cottons

GOLD MOCCASINS (3-6 months x 1 LEFT)


Adorable gold metallic leather mocks, with a light brown suede sole and gold metallic leather pull strap. The inside has soft  beige suede lining, with inner elastic and an embossed sole.

Materials: 100% leather

Made in Portugal.

Altiplano, Tiny Cottons AW17/18 Collection: Get off the beaten path! Tiny Cottons takes you to an usual place not very known for most of us... the famous Altiplano, a high plain full of llamas and interesting people, a place to discover the highest lake in the earth with a very funny name, "Titicaca" ... and much more! The inspiration for this winter collection was taken from the diversity of landscapes, animals, culture and little handcrafts... a place were folk elements, little llamas and no-worry dolls come alive.